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Health, Safety & Environment are the three key aspects in the Mechanical Engineering. These three play a vital role aiming at Quality, Time and Budget. The Skilled and Competent can only contribute to the Success of an organization. We train the people in respective trades by briefing about the activity, sequence of works, hazards and risks involved, control measures required to minimize the risks, importance of the work and time factor. We insist our workers for safe use of machines, materials and risk of electric shocks. Necessary safety precautions will be taken by providing them proper safety equipments, MDS(Material data sheet) and training them in operating machines for various applications. We give TBT( Toolbox talk) on different operations and activities going on site and train them to work in a safe manner without any injury or fatal. We have ZERO tolerance for accidents which results in NO LTI(Lost time incidents). We have been trained by the safety experts and specialists in detail about Health, Safety & Environment.

Pollution free environment is a big gift to the nature. We give maximum attention for saving of nature in all respects. We dispose hazardous and dangerous materials in designated areas without affecting the surroundings. We recycle all the materials minimising the wastage and also keeping the environment green and Clean.

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